Ending Up

When I was a kid, the phrase “ended up” was heard often. It’s supposed to indicate the end of a story. “She ended up marrying that guy from two towns over.” As if that’s the last thing she ever did. Kinda reminds me of fairy tales that end with a wedding, as if that’s the last interesting thing that will ever happen to a person.

The older I get, the more I realize that people don’t “end up” anywhere until they die. The guy who “ended up” getting a job at his dad’s company after college? He doesn’t work there anymore. In fact, the company doesn’t exist. The chick who “ended up” moving to California has lived in six other states since then.
I kinda wonder how many people have stopped doing things, trying things, or pursuing things because they felt like they “ended up” somewhere they didn’t want to be.

But really, does anyone really “end up” anywhere, except cemeteries and places ashes are thrown?

In drone news, we’re having better luck with the tiny drones than the big ones. I think they sent us the wrong propellers for the big drone. One side won’t lift even though everything seems to be in order. Dronies I’ve talked to say it’s probably a misaligned propeller.
Still, the box did take a mighty whallop on its way to us. The inside box wasn’t damaged, but who knows. Anyway, waiting to hear back from the seller.

Have also been fielding questions from a total stranger asking me why I think I can spend “their tax dollars” on drones. WTF?!?
a) We didn’t buy the drones, they’re review items we got for free
b) If there’s a government program that gives away drones, this is the first I’m hearing of it.
c) OMGLOLSTFU seriously.
d) *block*

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