Goings On!

The Horror Within website is up and running. There will be wee improvements as time goes on. The slider is missing, but will be up soon. Of course, we’ll be adding tons and tons of content as we get it.

We’ll be featuring art, novel excerpts, short stories and interviews as they roll in. I’m waiting to hear back from a few interviewees, and for some feature writers to get their first articles in to me. The site looks great thanks to the hard work of Rich, our web guy, and Hollingsworth, our graphics guy.

Peep us, if you dare!

I’m looking to take on some new projects as well. Some paid, some not. I applied to write for Bloody Disgusting just so a few more people can hear me rant about horror things. I’m also looking into a few more writing and editing gigs–I predict that some of them will require a pen name. I think I need to tell people why Z-Nation is a lot more fun to watch than The Walking Dead.

Coming up for GeekBinge, I’ll be reviewing the new Sir Pat Stew show: Blunt Talk. Then not much until American Horror Story comes back. A lot of my GB shows are no longer on the air: Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, The Following, and I refuse to watch Under the Dome anymore, because fuck that shit and the cow it split in half. Not sure what else I might like to review. Maybe one of the new SyFy shows.

Been brushing up on my Espanol of late. It’s much worse than I remembered it being, which I guess is not a huge surprise. My vocab is weak and my verb conjugation is worse. But dammit, there’s no reason why I should only speak one language. I’m pretty smart and certainly have enough time to do a few minutes every day. If I can pedal with those stupid pedals, I can surely do this.

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