Good Things That Have Happened Since the Election

Okay, we all know that President Drumpf is going to be a nightmare wrapped in a clusterfuck, wrapped in a urine-soaked hellscape. Chances are, we’ll completely lose our ability to feel outrage by the first State of the Union address.

And yet…there are people who are going out of their way to make the best out of what promises to be nonstop global embarrassment. And for these things, we thank you:

The crackdown on fake news. Eventually, most of us were fooled by some “news” story that was at best, an exaggeration and at worst, flat out fiction. Sure, one could argue that a fake-news crackdown now is too little too late. But at least this isn’t like guns where we get angry about it over and over but never actually take steps to address the problem. People are now being given the tools they need to recognize fake news from the real deal. Who knows, maybe that will inspire more news sites to stop being such lying liars. They might even start editing stories or hiring actual journalists to write them.

The Obama Biden memes. These are just delightful. It’s nice being reminded that pretty much everyone woke is horrified by Drumpf’s mean-spirited incompetence.

TIME magazine trolling the hell out of Drumpf with their Person of the Year cover. My gods, this is hilarious. He’s touring the country thanking his fans and bragging about how awesome he is (and how it should still be MAN of the year. I agree on one point though, as calling POTUS-E a “person” is a bit of a stretch) while they’re putting horns on his head and literally illustrating that he’s all just for show.

Jon Stewart’s new show on HBO. I don’t know that this was a direct result of the election. I’m just glad it’s happening.

All the jokes about who Drumpf is appointing to this or that. The Joker in charge of law enforcement in Gotham. Cruella DeVille heading a national ASPCA committee. Hell, maybe if I stop insulting him on Twitter, POTUS-E will put me in charge of the DEA. Just think of all the cool shit I could steal from civilia–…I mean, legally confiscate and “destroy.” Seriously though, the fact that we can all still make genuinely funny jokes about it (the internets, not me necessarily) reminds us all that a) we’re in it together, and b) most Americans don’t think this is okay.

Yeah…most Americans don’t think any political party should conspire with the Russians. FFS, Putin is so old-school that he’s still poisoning his enemies like he’s living in ancient Rome. Nor do most people think we should be on the same side as the KKK. If there’s any good reason to remind ourselves that Drumpf lost the popular vote by a large margin, it’s so we can remember that Americans are still basically good. We should also remember to work toward making voting easier. How do we go about that?

We know deep down that the Electoral College probably will not grow a collective conscience and save us from Drumpf. Despite the fact that he lost the popular vote. Despite the fact that he clearly colluded with Russia, and has no plan to give up his business interests in any meaningful way. Despite the fact that…well, no point on going over all that again.
But if it turned out that the EC does have a purpose…or just in case they do rescue us from Drumpftastrophe…I’d like to assert copyright on the word:
Get it? Because this never would have happened before in our lifetime, AND the KKKlandidate-in-cheif would be un-presidented. Ha HA!

In the end, things in our beloved nation look bad. But it’s not all bad. And we’re damn sure not powerless.

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