*grabby hands*

The Scared Soapless Kickstartery thing is still going on. Just over the halfway point–both in terms of time and earnings. Coooool, right?

We’ve contracted with sculptor Brian McGuire to create a custom mold of this fiendish character, who we think you’ll recognize. We chose him based on our adoration for this sculpture, which was painted by a dude named Al Warner. We’ll be making our scary Vampire out of soap, and it’s gonna be terrifying.

We’re also stepping up our guest soap game.
In addition to red-eyed skulls and hand-painted soapy human hearts, we’re also offering dinosaurs, dino-skeletons (you get a whole skeleton of either a T-Rex or a Stegosaurus) and bloody-mouthed sharks. Normally we’re not fans of portraying sharks as ravenous monsters. We love sharks. But soap-wise, we’re all about the scares!

Since we’re working with a talented sculptor, we can offer a reward where we can create a custom soap based on YOUR favorite horror thing. Spiders? An ancient mummy? A reanimated corpse? A Demogorgon? Whatever you’re looking for–we can make it happen (so long as it doesn’t violate anyone’s copyright). Wouldn’t that be the most amazing gift for a horror fan EVER?!? Even Chris Hardwick would be stoked!!

So hey, tell your rich buddies, fellow horror fans, vegan soap, lotion, and balm enthusiasts, or anyone else you think might love our stuff.

The main things we need funding for are:
–Completion of the website build, which will allow us to keep prices low.
–A versatile printer for water-soluble paper, labels, card stock, etc.
–Paying our sculptor. Those guys aren’t cheap–but SOOOO worth it.
–Tables and shelving setup for doing craft shows in person.

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