Holidays, Happy.

Every time I come over here to post I feel like I should apologize for not having done so earlier. Screw it. I can’t imagine that anyone is truly fussed about whether or not I blog.

What’s up with me?
Well, I’m still hoping to start a new business venture this year. It’s gonna take about $3,000 for startup expenses for my Kickstarter. I need to buy some things for packaging, bases and other supplies, a printer with all that entails plus paying my cousin to build the new website. That should allow me to launch a successful Kickstarter and get the money I’d need to carry us through the first six months to a year.

I’m finishing my business plan for Scared Soapless this week, and will be shooting it out to a few potential investors. Know a rich person, a horror fan maybe, who wants to invest in my horror-themed HBA business? Let me know and I’ll shoot them a business plan. I’m told that there is a new tax plan that’s going to make rich people invest like there’s no tomorrow–so that will be nice. 😉

Because H took a pay cut this year (his company stopped being open at night, so he doesn’t get the overnight bonus anymore. It was more than $2 an hour, and I think it’s quite shitty that his reward for 20+ years of excellent work is to fuck up his schedule and cut his pay, while telling him he can’t freelance in graphic design. But I digress…), we decided not to do gifts for birthdays or Christmas even though we usually have a limit of $40 per. But when we decided this, I didn’t mention that I was already done shopping for him. So he got an array of cool gifts (Funko, book, shirt, new backpack, bike tire patch kit, etc) and now feels bad because he didn’t get me anything. Apparently, gesturing broadly at the apartment and items contained therein didn’t make him feel better. *sigh*

Sadly, I got a note from Amazon telling me the jig is up with all the free shit I’d been getting for review. Almost every kid I know got a drone from us this year, and we still have plenty of nice drones. It’s a bummer not to be getting more free stuff–I almost got a fog machine. I’ll still get a few things here and there, but the steady stream of cheap Chinese electronics is over. #Sad

I did get a few cool gifts from friends and well-wishers, including:
A giant box of loofahs I can use for soaping
The Monkees S1 and S2 box sets (which is all of them)
A new portable vape for that thing I do.
Big basket of yummy fruit
Some really beautiful cards
A Fredo Corleone Funko fig
A cool tree ornament
plus H and I actually ate Christmas dinner at someone else’s home where I didn’t even have to cook. That was pretty amazing, and something we’d never actually done together (we’ve had dinner at other people’s houses, but not for a holiday). We love salmon.

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