Holy Flurking Snit!

Talking about politics is getting ridiculous, even for those of us who don’t feel a need to find euphemisms for the word PUSSY. If you still think Drumpf is the sort of person who should run the country…it doesn’t matter. You’re probably not reading this post anyway. Why would you?

I do find it frightening how many people (roughly 98% men) are still twisting themselves like balloon animals in their efforts to excuse Drumpf’s more rapey escapades. Because I don’t have time to respond to every absurd comment or note I get when I discuss such things, lemme just stop a few of you before you get started. If you’re tempted to say any of the following, here are my responses.

–“If you’re trying to convince me that–“
I’ll stop you right there. I have no idea who you are. I don’t care what you believe, and emphatically not writing anything to convince YOU of something. You must think an awful lot of yourself if you think my comments on Drumpf have anything to do with you.

–“Saying ‘Drumpf’ is racist against Germans.”
First of all, go fuck yourself. That’s his family name. Also, I’m German too. As is easily verifiable, The Donald told Jon Stewart that refusing to use the name Leibovitz publicly meant he was ashamed of his heritage. I’m merely holding Drumpf to that same standard.

–“Stop slut shaming Melania.”
I haven’t. Though I do think she has terrible taste in husbands.

–“By saying Drumpf shouldn’t hit on married women, you’re not considering whether or not they’re poly.”
Sure, poly couples are a thing, they exist. But what I said was that if one is going to argue a “presumption of consent” because a woman smiled at Drumpf, that surely her being married should remove at least some of that presumption. At the same time, I think the “presumption of consent” argument is bullshit. Drumpf is objectively not sexy–and him thinking every woman wants him is at once laughable and disgusting.

–“You just love Hillary.”
What are you, new? I supported Bernie, and he was the first presidential candidate I ever donated to. I do think she’s capable and more than qualified for the job. But you know, there are plenty of high school sophomores who would do a better job and fill us with more confidence than Drumpf.

–“Stop saying Pussy.”

Have a nice weekend, America!