How would YOU like to give ME some money?

You know how money is sometimes exchanged for goods and services?
I’m doing a bit of that now in my Kickass Kickstarter. A KickASSStarter if you will…which you shouldn’t…because that was terrible.  

It’s slow going with the raising of funds, but I’m hoping for the best.  I have some great soaps on offer, plus a few things for people who (and I’m told they really do exist) don’t like horror and aren’t looking for ways to work more of it into their lives.

Most of what I need the funds for is finishing the website build, getting labels and packaging stuff, buying a printer, and setting myself up with some decent tables, lights, signage, and display shelves for doing craft shows.  Plus I’ll need to pay somebody to be my driver/handler.  

If you’re the sort of person who wants to help out so I can enjoy some success, here is some stuff you can do:

Paste this link where you think people will see it.  Social media, your own blog, anywhere that won’t be considered spamming.  Spamming is evil and helps no one.
Which people?
Horror fans, wealthy types, people with kids, fans of high-end Health and Beauty Aids, entrepreneurs, and anyone who might want to have their favorite horror thing realized as a soap.

What else helps?
–Buying yourself a reward or two would be cool, if you’re the sort who can swing that financially.
–Leaving a comment on the Kickstarter page
–Asking a question on our Facebook page: Scared Soapless
–Interviewing me or doing a writeup at places where you routinely write things up
–Offering words of encouragement.  I can always use them.

Okay, that’s what I’m up to these days.
Pentelope is turning 18 on March 5th. I kind of think we should do something cool for her.  We did sort of blow off her Quinceanera…H says cats don’t need to have those anyway.  Pfft.  Anyway, I fear that our time with Pente is drawing to a close.  She was the size of my hand when I got her.  Over the years, she has peed, puked, or drooled on pretty much everything I own.  Still, Imma miss her when the time comes.  

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