I’m gonna go get the papers…get the papers.

There’s a book I was trying to remember that I read in school. Or maybe it was read to me. Probably 4th grade or so, but could have been anytime between 2nd and 6th. It was about a kid who does something innocuous, not anything illegal or particularly mean. He gets sent to a kid jail where they make them sit alone in their cells without pillows while they pipe in creepy stories. I also recall that it’s the book that taught me to use the word “mock,” which is still one of my favorite monosyllabic words.

I couldn’t remember anything else about it, except that it really creeped me out as a kid. Scary stuff for kids was rare in the 1970’s, Goosebumps hadn’t happened yet. So we had “How to Care for Your Monster” and “Bunnicula,” and then the Halloween specials of anything we already had, like Charlie Brown or Bugs Bunny.

Somebody finally hipped me to it!
It’s called Jacob Two-Two Meets the Hooded Fang.
Apparently, there are two other books in the Jacob Two-Two series. I got the first one from eBay, because they aren’t available for Kindle, or in print anywhere. A little digging told me that someone just recorded them all as audiobooks that are being released later this year.
That’s gonna be sweet!