More Magazine Talk

It’s coming right along. It would be finished now but I’m still waiting to get interview questions back from one of the artists. Laying it out has been a huge task, but I think I’m getting the hang of the program now. InDesign is actually a lot like Illustrator with multiple pages. So all those Stig & The Puppetman comics actually did more than display my inadequate drawing skills.

I was gonna avoid using Creative Commons art like old ads and stuff. But I decided to go for it, at least until we can afford to pay artists. The cover art turned out really nice. See:
Art by Michael Larson
The logo is vectored, but in this jpg it doesn’t look like it.

I’m waiting for my new bundle of assignments for SEO work. They are late. I was thinking I’d go ahead and get started. Then I weighed that against how mad I’d be if I spend a whole day doing them and then didn’t get paid because the client cancelled or wanted to wait or something. So I’m working on some other stuff instead. I need to figure out a schedule where I can get all my stuff done and still have time for my own fiction.
That’s right…I still write fiction.

My computer situation is getting dire. In addition to it being really slow and the click bar not working (actually, I had to turn it off so it would stop clicking automatically), and it shutting down randomly, the battery is going as well.
I guess I’m gonna have to break down and buy a mac mini, but not until September since I’m presuming new models will come out to go along with Maverick.