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Take a Stab at This! Welcome to Wednesday’s offical podcast! Here you will find scary stories by Wednesday Lee Friday, performed and scored by an amazing assemblage of talented actors, composers, broadcasters, and musicians. A Stabbing for Sadie is a gruesome and hilarious story of a damaged and drug-addled woman who takes stabby but deserved revenge against her abuser…or does she? Kiss Me Like You Love Me chronicles fictional Michigan serial killer Mikey Goretti. His exploits are bloody insane; but…



Featuring Stig & The Puppetman comics (plus my debut comic, about something else entirely), which I did for a mag called Resilient Brainforest.  It lasted one year and was made up of comics by people like me, who could not be called comic artists by any stretch of the imagination.  Stig & The Puppetman have 11 issues, each more inexpertly produced than the last.  Enjoy!