The weirdest thing has been happening lately.
People come over, or call me and ask how it’s going.
And I…inexplicably…have been saying things like:

“Good!” and “Alright, man. How are you?”

If you know me in real life, you’ll know that my typical response to a polite inquiry like How are you is a long sigh and a bevvy of complaining. Not lately though. Lately, I’ve been in good spirits.

Some of this may be that I’ve stayed in the air-conditioning while the rest of the planet appears to be burning to a crisp out there.
It may also be that I have almost no obligations that need to be met at any specific time of the day or night.
But mostly, I think it’s because the magazine is such enormous fun. I’m spending a ton of time on it, and I barely notice because it’s such a rockin’ good time. My ideas are good, I have many of the tools I need to carry them out–and the rest? Well, there’s this thing called The Internets, where any and all needs can eventually be met.