Ode to Olly

Imma talk about Game of Thrones and I’m not gonna cut it even though it has spoilers for earlier in this season. So skip ahead now if you don’t want to know. This is 100% showie information, no book stuff here.

I’ve heard several people speak as if they’re “okay” with the death of young Olly. I’m really not. I cried almost as much for Olly as I did for Princess Shireen–though methinks Shireen will be avenged in a few short days. #TeamDavos.

Let’s look at Olly’s life though.
He lived in a peaceful hamlet where everyone was kind and looked out for each other. Not one to sit around doing nothing, Olly trained and practiced to become the best archer in the hamlet. Sure, a hamlet isn’t very big. But He was better than grown men. That’s impressive. More importantly, Olly loved his parents and they loved him. They were content to work all day, then eat a meal that was nothing more than potatoes. It was a simple life, but they lived it happily.

And then…

Wildlings raided their village for no good reason. They slaughtered absolutely everyone. His parents, rather than saving themselves or fighting back, spent their last seconds telling their son to hide. He did, though not well enough.
Olly’s parents were killed and EATEN by Thenns. Fucking Thenns.

With nowhere else to go, Olly ran to The Wall.
He told them what happened, and the men of the Night’s Watch took him in.
Within days, Olly picked himself up and began training to…or so he thought…get revenge on the wildlings who did this to him. That’s why he fought his ass off during the wildling invasion of The Wall. That’s why he was proud to have killed Ygritte with his badass archery skills.
Olly was a faithful squire to Jon Snow. When it was time to execute Janos Slynt, Olly loyally fetched Jon’s sword. Faithful he was, that is until Lord Know-Nothing left to help the wildlings, then returned home with hundreds of wildlings in tow. Those were the people who killed Olly’s family and friends. ALL of them.

Even then, Olly would never have taken it upon himself to do mutiny and murder. If it hadn’t been for Ser Aliser, that stabbing never would have happened. Olly was led astray by some bitter old men, combined with his own hatred for the wildlings–hatred that developed from legit reasons. Nobody likes those fucking Thenns.

RIP Olly. You were a good lad, and a wonderful character.
So I guess we should have seen it coming that you would die far too soon.