…Only to Face a New Nightmare (Client)

We continue the harrowing saga of Nightmare Client with this:

H and I find ourselves close enough to homelessness that we’re having a bit of a fundraiser. So far, people have been very generous and we’re almost halfway to our goal. If any of you would honor us with a small donation or a share–we would be most grateful.

Plus, we have perks!

We’re still fighting this theft with the resources at our disposal. But see, his specialty is credit card processing. That’s what his book is about. So he’s clearly going to have an advantage that we don’t. At the same time, he published our work. It’s on Amazon right now. So I can’t imagine how he can say he didn’t get what he paid for, or that what he got wasn’t acceptable.

As for me, I’m seeing my doc next week (earliest appointment available) and am getting my ass back to therapy since I so clearly need it. This ridiculous episode with this utter thieving jag almost cost me my very sanity, which I need for living.