It’s me, here again with a smooth new H-created logo and a new horror thing I’m gonna try.

As soon as my seed funding comes through, I’m becoming one of those housewives who makes and sells soap out of their home. Sounds froofy, right? I get it.

You know how every year I do a craft or bake something for my family? I’d been doing lip balms for a while now. I thought people were being polite when they said my stuff was better than store-bought and that I should sell it. After a year or so of formulation and testing, I realized they were right. But people have been making and selling balms for some time, and they are WAY more advanced than I in terms of flavors. There’s an etsy store where the lip balms taste like 10 different types of beer. BEER!!! I’m not that chemistry-minded. I’m also not rich.

Last summer, I discovered the world of Melt & Pour soaps. They’re kind of expensive if you get the good ones, but damn. Just…damn. This is the sort of craft a person like me can (and did) get way into. I already had a good base of knowledge thanks to my time making balms, studying aromatherapy for mental health, witchcraft, and all the other kooky shit I’ve gotten up to over the years. I’m pretty good with homemade HBAs anyway. And the horror? Come on. I don’t think I’d ever even be asked to defend my horror cred. It’s a given.

With that in mind…I made a bunch of test soaps that I subsequently handed out to friends and family this year. Oddly, I haven’t heard a darn thing from any of my family about my soaps. Not even a thank you. But my friends have been most supportive, and I decided a few months ago that this is something I could do bigly, and in the long term.

My company is called Scared Soapless–because that’s hilarious. Can’t to abbreviated logos, because ‘SS’ will almost certainly get me punched in the face as a Nazi.
Not sure how huge these pics are, so I’ll cut them. But this is what I’ve been working on. Picture them properly finished with sculpting tools, and painted with mica.
Some ScaredSoapless test soaps: )

All this trial and error and a few more errors have helped me figure out how to avoid bubbles around the embeds, how to get the fragrances just right, and how to not put blue glitter in a clear base so it just looks gritty and icky. This has been super fun.

FYI, I’m offering a 5% share in the business for a seed investment of only $1,000.
That’s really cheap, and if you had that kind of money to invest (up to $2K per investor), you’d probably be pretty foolish not to get in on this at the ground floor.

It kinda feels like every job and activity I’ve done in my life has come together to create this company. So why wouldn’t you want in? No, I’m asking.

Pretty soon there will be a new blog just for soaps stuff. It’ll cover horror, skin care, fragrance news, more horror, and new products and stuff. I want to get into some low level ointments and balms too, CBD oil and lavender (since my lavender extracts I made years ago are still amazing) and stuff like that. Wheeee! Plus my cousin Richard is building me a new website so I can list my stuff for sale.

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