Wow, I pretty much suck at blogging anymore.
Well, I do write roughly ten blog posts a week–but they’re for clients and not for myself. I’m guessing no one wants to hear my thoughts on overhead garage doors or lifestyle tips for moms on a budget any more than I want to have them. But alas, we are poor.

Instead of doing holiday lip balms this year, I’m giving soaps a try. I thought this was a cool, fun idea until it exploded into crazy amounts of money spent, outrageous ideas for amazingly cool soaps, and an implosion of utensils that my kitchen will not soon forget.

People are already asking when I’m going to offer them for sale. I suck at new ventures, which is why I seem to always be just starting or abandoning one. But it would also be pretty cool to give up ad writing and ghost blogging to be able to make spooky (or similar) soaps full time. Personally, I’ve been using liquid soaps for so long that I forgot how much better the right bar soap is in every way…except convenience.

How does one make bar soap more convenient?

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