“Summer” time

It’s in quotes because it was 66 degrees yesterday. Even for Michigan, that’s a bit of a WTF.

Summer also used to be a barren wasteland for TV. This summer I’m reviewing Under the Dome (which sucks) and hate-watching the last season of True Blood, because closure.

However, Defiance is back and awesome. Maron has been great, and now we’re watching Extant (the Halle Berry future thing) and The Strain (a vampire thing written by Guillermo Del Toro) and Falling Skies. H is also watching something called The Last Ship, and Dominion, plus I’m watching The Leftovers, which has been amazing so far. Jon Simm has a new show starting soon, which we’re gonna watch the crap out of.

That’s an awful lot of TV for summertime.

I’m finally re-setup with PayPal here, which I love.

My Adam Ant autobiography finally arrived today. Can’t wait to dive into it, because mentally odd people tend to be equally frustrating and fascinating. I don’t invite many people like that into my life anymore, so reading about them in well-written books is a joy.

Got a few projects going on right now, but can’t actually post about them yet. The mag is going well, and this months issue has some particularly strong content. Loving my feature writers, and really wishing I could afford to pay them.