SyFy quality.

As I was watching Ghost Shark last night, it occurred to me that these shitty CGI movies could be less shitty with better writing. I mean, make a stupid, over-the-top monster movie with boobs everywhere and a cast that looks straight out of the United Colors of Benneton (do kids still know what that is?). But do it with a compelling script, a zillion pop-culture jokes, maybe a single character that audiences actually like–just for fun.

I could do that.
One might even argue that with my love of monster-movies, sharks, and horror–with my wit and dark sensibilities, and my passion for good dialogue that I’m incredibly well suited to this sort of work.
I have some awesome ideas, but I’m not posting them here.
Someone with an agent would totally steal them.

But no…
It seems that prestigious film scripts like Sharknado, Piranhaconda, and Ice Spiders can ONLY come to the SyFy Channel via an agent.
Yeah, those cheap-ass, underwritten CGI crapfests that I love so well have all gone through agents.

Is anyone else picturing a Saul Goodmanesque agent extoling the virtues of mixing dangerous animals with weather or other dangerous animals to make a boob-filled teen romp that only the SyFy channel would air?


In other news, aside from not really having the voice for it, I think Ben Affleck will be just fine as Bruce Wayne/Batman