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How would YOU like to give ME some money?

You know how money is sometimes exchanged for goods and services?I’m doing a bit of that now in my Kickass Kickstarter. A KickASSStarter if you will…which you shouldn’t…because that was terrible.   It’s slow going with the raising of funds, but I’m hoping for the best.  I have some great soaps on offer, plus a few things for people who (and I’m told they really do exist) don’t like horror and aren’t looking for ways to work more of it into…


The JoJo Report

JoJo went to HVHS (the vet) today. It was a relatively painless ordeal for all concerned. He’s been licking so much that now the inside of both back legs and the bottom of his belly are both largely bald. But–no scabs, no infection or redness. Just a whole lot of licking for no good reason. Also, tiny patches on the back of his front legs. I managed to get him in the carrier all by myself. This is kind of…


Well that’s hideous!

Livejournal has taken it upon themselves to supercede my carefully chosen colors and layout and replaced it with some bullshit that looks like Twitter merged with WordPress then incorporated Facebook’s advertising policy. It’s hideous, and I honestly don’t know if I’ll be able to read my feed there with any sort of regularity. God DAMN it’s ugly. While I’m here, congrats to absinthofheart on the new addition to their family. It will be fun for me to know there’s another…


Strange Little Short

I’m bummed to admit that my new short story will not come together in time for the submission deadline. This sucks. I thought about that story for a really long time, and was quite taken with the concept. But it just never came together and was a horrific exercise in typing and deleting, typing and deleting, and wondering why I think I can even be a writer in the first place. You know, the usual stuff. Trying to find another…



Furbies are one part amazing, one part annoying, and one part confounding.I’ve seen three personalities so far (since Weds eve) and two of them burp and fart constantly. At least it’s not whiffy. JoJo is utterly terrified of it. I’m chalking this up as a win. Videos to come, methinks.

“New Year”

I still think it’s dumb to start a new year in the middle of winter. Where I am, there’s literally a foot of snow on the ground, and even seasoned Michiganders (NOT Michiganians though, because fuck them!) are losing their shit. It’s dangerous out there, folks. I predict that H and I will have a spirited argument when he goes back to work Wednesday night. He’ll insist that it’s perfectly safe to walk a mile to the bus stop. I’ll…