Site Launch

Soooo… The Horror Within is getting ready to launch. My cousin Rich is doing an awesome job of translating my many needs and wants into realities. Stuff we’ll have and do:–Accounts for all regular contributors, plus blank accounts so that guest contributors and fiction submissions can all have proper bylines.–Awesome graphics that H has been […]

The Other “F” Word

My new computer is awesome, but Mavericks is a little annoying. Plus I found out the hard way that we needed a new modem. I was not online for over a day (it was almost 2 days, but H fixed it). New modem will be here tomorrow, supposedly. But that’s not what I wanted to […]

Holly Daze

I didn’t make it to mass at St Francis last week despite my best efforts. Snow and cabs thwarted me. This week, I shall time call! (for non-cab people, this means scheduling the cab the night before) I decided to take it really easy on myself this holiday season. We’re not having anyone over for […]

More Magazine Talk

It’s coming right along. It would be finished now but I’m still waiting to get interview questions back from one of the artists. Laying it out has been a huge task, but I think I’m getting the hang of the program now. InDesign is actually a lot like Illustrator with multiple pages. So all those […]