Delivery Food for Healthy People

I’ve mentioned that we get Door to Door Organics delivered every other week. This means we have fresh produce for the week when we don’t go to the grocery store. It’s pretty awesome. Right now we have peaches and nectarines. Plus we got garlic, a lemon, green beans, capsecums, and beets for roasting, plus some […]

Breakfast Bar Woes

H’s sister, Girl-H introduced me to Lara Bars a few years ago. Damn, they are tasty. They’re made entirely out of dried fruit, tree nuts, and seeds. They’re delicious and healthy without added sugar or tons of fat and salt. I eat them for breakfast a lot. Even though I work from home, I don’t […]

Best Dishes

Before I begin with today’s post, I just have to say:How in the name of complete and utter fuck is it September already? Moving on…When I was on college, I once whipped up some green bean casserole after a night of drinking and et cetera. A couple of my friends were amazed by it. “Green […]

knock on the wall…

Checked out The Orphanage today after buying it a long while ago. Damn, it was amazing. Beautifully shot, great cast, and plenty of surprises. It was creepy throughout, damn scary in parts, and had a motherfucking gut punch I in no way saw coming.So yeah, bravo once again, Guillermo Del Toro. Speaking of movies, the […]