Fish Fry

After music, architecture, incense, and free wine, the best thing about Catholicism is the Friday night Fish Fry. It was a joyous event back when my family was pretending to be Catholic to get lower rates at St Mary Magdalen school. These fish frys featured thick cuts of cod filet, deep fried (or deep fried […]

Par Tay

My annual party is this Saturday, two days from now. The apartment is crazy-clean thanks mostly to H. Tomorrow I gotta start cooking things. Making a big batch of Aztec brownies. That’s regular milk chocolate brownies with a heap of bhut Jolokia powder, and a swirl of cream cheese for contrast. They’re awesome. Also, two […]

Indian Food

I had Indian food for the first time last night. Paneer with spinach and a seafood dish in a spicy sauce with yogurt and nuts. Also, garlic paneer. H had paneer as well and a citrusy tomato sauce. It was really spicy. Mine was supposed to be “medium” but I also found it intensely spicy. […]

H’s Birthday

H’s birthday is more fun for me than my birthday.For my birthday, I throw a party. I clean everything and cook a bunch of food and stress out about invites and reminders and every silly detail. Then the party happens and it’s somewhere between fine and awesome, and then it’s over. For H’s birthday, we […]

How the fuck is it already December?

My annual birthday bash (AKA, amazement that I’m still alive party) was Saturday. As always, there were a handful of people who couldn’t make it. Drag. But plenty of people did make it. There was mediterranean food. I didn’t have time to make falafel at the last minute–so I ordered it from the same restaurant […]


Not caught up with my various writings?This’ll help: Cis People Problems. Not sure how to talk to someone who is transgendered–duh, like a person. Posting a lot about the recent church burnings down south? Why not do something to help instead? The Rapture is coming…again. In Praise of Public Nudity. WTF is masking??? Penny Dreadful […]

Site Launch

Soooo… The Horror Within is getting ready to launch. My cousin Rich is doing an awesome job of translating my many needs and wants into realities. Stuff we’ll have and do:–Accounts for all regular contributors, plus blank accounts so that guest contributors and fiction submissions can all have proper bylines.–Awesome graphics that H has been […]

God Dammit, Internet.

Been spending less time online than usual, mainly because I’m developing the incredible superpower known as Not Engaging. I’m disgusted to see and hear the rampant racism and hate from people I normally think are only kind of stupid. If you’re really more upset about the “rioters” than about another person getting away with murder, […]