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Wednes and the Disappointing $15 Kindle Script

You know what’s weird? Given the popularity of Harry Potter fandom with women my age, I’d have expected people in my social media feeds to be losing their minds over Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. They weren’t. Nobody has been all “Oh, you haven’t read it yet?!? It’s soooo good.” None of that. Now that I’ve read it, I totally understand why. ( Cut, because here and Goodreads are some of the only places you can still cut for spoilers. )…


Brooding Male Lead

I was watching Hannibal (the show) recently and was quite taken with the brooding sexiness of Will Graham. That Hugh Dancy is an attractive guy. But when he’s clean shaven and smiling, eh? Not as good IMO. This got me thinking about the popular archetype of the attractive broken guy all the ladies want to fix (or gay men, whatevs). There are plenty of guys like this on TV: Jon Snow, Sawyer from LOST, every other TV cop (Stabler, Mike…


Severus Snape

If you hate Harry Potter, go ahead and skip this post. Maybe go out shopping for a sense of whimsy or maybe a soul. One of the things that has always bothered me about the HP series is how we’re supposed to forgive Snape at the end of the last book. Spoiler alert, he dies. Then we learn via penseive that Sev loved Lily Evans more than life itself. He couldn’t look at Harry without hatred because Harry looked like…