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Did the Terrorists Just Win? Sony Pulls “The Interview” Release.

Seems I was slow on the draw with this article that I actually wrote to post someplace newsy.  I’m posting it here despite the fact that it’s not the typical style for this blog.                I’m not ashamed to admit that I was looking forward to "The Interview," the new comedy from perennial stoners Seth Rogan and James Franco.  But I’m gonna have to make new plans for Christmas Day, since it will no…


Observational Humor

You know how online, someone you kind of know will make a joke using dry wit or sarcasm? And if you notice that they’re doing that, you might play along?Because humor is humorous and jokes are jokey? But then you do that, and the other person explains to you that they were “only joking?” And you’re like “I know that. I was joking too–you know, because of the joke.” And they’re like “Oh, right. Okay, yeah…that joke I was making.”…