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Wednes Your Weekend

You’ll all be thrilled to know that the 2nd edition of A Stabbing for Sadie is available now wherever fine eBooks are sold. I imagine Amazon is where most of you will be picking up this awesomely edited, vastly improved version of my debut novel. Smashwords also has it in a variety of DRM free formats. Haven’t read my first book? It’s about a mentally unstable chick trying to shake off her miserable formative years and develop into something better.…



“THANK YOU THANK YOU” “I’m so excited.” “Her name is Twinkle.” and “How did you get enough money to buy this?” These are just a few of the things my goddaughter, Evelyn, said when I gave her the Furby I got her for her birthday (also her Xmas gift). Here she is with some blue-haired lady.


So, you know how I write SEO for a living? And how I supplement that with sex articles and TV reviews and book reviews and blogs and then I run an entire magazine? Well, all that has left me with very little time or energy to write fiction.This will not do… I fully intended to NaNoWriMo that script I keep talking about. Guess what though? I didn’t do it. Part of that was time related. Another part was that if…


My New Friend

Remember last February, when I bought myself a set of Max pajamas from Where the Wild Things Are? Well, I did. And they are adorable. I posted a few snaps of me in them, taken by H (my husband who thinks I’m totally hot). I later put them on Pinterest, on my board “Fat People Existing.” It’s pretty much what it sounds like–positive and joyful pics of fat people out in the world doing stuff. Or in this case, me…