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*grabby hands*

The Scared Soapless Kickstartery thing is still going on. Just over the halfway point–both in terms of time and earnings. Coooool, right? We’ve contracted with sculptor Brian McGuire to create a custom mold of this fiendish character, who we think you’ll recognize. We chose him based on our adoration for this sculpture, which was painted by a dude named Al Warner. We’ll be making our scary Vampire out of soap, and it’s gonna be terrifying. We’re also stepping up our…


How would YOU like to give ME some money?

You know how money is sometimes exchanged for goods and services?I’m doing a bit of that now in my Kickass Kickstarter. A KickASSStarter if you will…which you shouldn’t…because that was terrible.   It’s slow going with the raising of funds, but I’m hoping for the best.  I have some great soaps on offer, plus a few things for people who (and I’m told they really do exist) don’t like horror and aren’t looking for ways to work more of it into…



It’s me, here again with a smooth new H-created logo and a new horror thing I’m gonna try. As soon as my seed funding comes through, I’m becoming one of those housewives who makes and sells soap out of their home. Sounds froofy, right? I get it. You know how every year I do a craft or bake something for my family? I’d been doing lip balms for a while now. I thought people were being polite when they said…