The Dead Are Coming for Us All…

Drones are my new favorite thing in the world. We’re getting one with a brushless motor this week. It’s supposed to be super badass, even though it doesn’t have a camera on it. I’m stoked. The one we tried this weekend was good. Another foldable:

Today I’m getting one of those 3D writing pens for review. I paid a little money for it, because I’d been wanting one. It was 85% off, so I’m not gonna complain about that.
It uses PLA plastic (best for beginners) instead of ABS (the strong kind). Been watching YouTubes of people making stuff with them. Should be fun.

Game of Thrones has been good. No surprises there.
The Strain has been amazing–which is a little more surprising.
We’re also watching Preacher, also great.

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