We doth not purchase it…

I don’t buy much stuff on the eBay, because it has always seemed about as trustworthy as a garage sale in a town you don’t live in. Occasionally though, I can’t resist.

Between an extra gig, H’s work bonus, and my tax return, we had a bit of money for H and me to buy ourselves something fun. For my thing, I bid on an Agents of SHIELD thing, signed by Bill Paxton.

For anyone who doesn’t know me, Bill Paxton was my favorite actor (and despite only having directed one horror movie, is high up on my fave horror director’s list too) and I was beyond crushed when he died suddenly last year. I’m still pretty sad about it. Right after his death, genuine autographed skyrocketed in price. Since though, they’ve come down to normal levels. It’s not absurd to think one could get one for $50-$100 for a trading card, and about twice that for an 8×10′ glossy.

With that in mind, I bid three-times what the then-highest bid was. Kept a close eye on it, and it didn’t move for a few days. Then one guy bid, but well below where I bid. I was pretty excited, thinking I’d finally own something Bill Paxton once held in his hand. If that sounds stupid and childish to you, I get it, it kind of does to me too. But I want it, and that’s just how it is.

Except…a few hours before the auction ended, someone bid exactly the same amount as me. Because I bid first, I was still the winner at that point. I did find it odd though that the bids were like, $25…$26.50…$31…and then suddenly it jumped up to $75. Odd, right? I’m told that sometimes sellers, particularly in collectibles markets, will make bids under a secondary account to make sure buyers aren’t leaving money on the table. I highly suspect that the seller did this. I opted not to raise my bid, and lost the item to another buyer.

But wait…because the seller then contacted me, saying the buyer had fallen through. This was on the same day that the auction ended. Can a buyer even “fall through” in one day? This cemented my suspicion that this seller was shady AF. Now I doubt the validity of the listing and the transaction.

I’ve never actually bought an autograph that wasn’t from someone I could watch making the signature. Don’t they come with certificates of authenticity when they’re from super famous people? I’ve been given autographed things as gifts, and they often do some with seals or affidavits affirming that they’re real. I’m a collector and all, but the things I collect are for my own enjoyment rather than cataloging them like stamps or something.

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