What I got for Christmas:

What I gave:
Balms. Lots and lots of balms. And cards.
H made the cards, as usual.
We got Girl-H a Ravenclaw hoodie, which she loves.
I got H (between his birthday and Xmas)
And Onion Encyclopedia
Face of Boe T-shirt
Andy Capp Hot Fries
Fancy cherry soda syrup
Batman Arkham Asylum for PS3
T-shirt with Futurama heads of famous doctors
Hellblazer anthology 1
A bunch of sour candy and hot peppers.

What I got:
Cookies, more cookies.
Ferdinand the Bull book
Pop Funko Drogon figure
The Walking Dead compendium #2
First season of Bates Motel (DVD)
The Compleat Al (DVD)
Money, with which I bought this:

We got a ton of swell cards, various canned goods and edibles.
H also got me a big hunk of haloumi, which is one of my fave cheeses. You can fry it and it doesn’t melt.
Plus I ordered myself the Babadook book, which will arrive this summer.
Dook dook dook.