You had me at “Traditionalist American”

So…the KKK is seeking fresh, white blood. They tossed a whole bunch of recruitment flyers all over a Tennessee town. Why? Obamacare is about to take effect. Haters are about to find out what the inside of a doctor’s office looks like while still having enough money left over to live indoors. Personally, I’m pretty stoked to be able to get a full physical every year (as opposed to periodic labs and a short discussion of my bi-polar disorder) and THIS year, I’ll be getting my first mammogram. I’m sure it will be horrible, but I’m still glad. I’d look pretty fucking lopsided if I had to lose one of my girls. People are pretty upset that The Kenyan is giving people access to health care who may not “deserve” it. Far too many people still worry a lot about “supporting freeloaders.”

When I was in college, a mostly black fraternity got into an altercation with a mostly white frat. Once the N-word was heard, the event was called a race riot. Some things led to some other things, and before I knew it, the KKK was threatening to burn the house I lived in to the ground. The Klan didn’t like that there were boys and girls, black, white, and asian, living under the same roof. For a short while, we took turns keeping watch on the roof.

I don’t mind telling you, the KKK scares the ever loving shit out of me. As far as I’m concerned, the Tea Party is just KKK lite–with a bit more emphasis on stripping women of their rights in addition to minorities, atheists, and poor people. It’s scary that they’re recruiting, and it’s scarier that right now, a lot of people are frightened, ignorant, and lazy enough to follow them and their “take are [sic] country back” bullshit.

Of all the things people can do to change the world and improve the lives of ourselves and others–these people have chosen to formally blame others for their problems–and call upon others to hate who they hate. It’s pretty much the antithesis of Personal Responsibility, and doesn’t really jibe with Smaller Government either. But then, no one really believes the Tea Party wants smaller government or they wouldn’t spend so much time regulating wombs and marriages.

So, how long before lynchings come back? When will cross-burnings become commonplace again? I’d love to think that isn’t possible, that people wouldn’t stand for it. But then I remember how many people were beaten up by police at OWS or maced by Safety Officers while sitting peacefully. Local cops in Tennessee decided that KKK recruitment flyers aren’t a danger to the community. Yeah, we’ll see…

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